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Hey there!

My name's Audrey. I've been drawing in my room to music since I was a kid. I added a paintbrush in high school,  a palette knife in college, and my canvases keep getting bigger and bigger! I strive to create that "wow" piece for someone to proudly hang on their wall.


The last few years, I got really serious about what i wanted my mission as an artist to be. My goal was to combine my highest virtues: compassion and creativity. I decided i want my art to have the same empathetic effect on the viewer as a good song can have for the listener. You know when you hear that song that matches your mood perfectly, and you know that that songwriter felt EXACTLY the way you were feeling right then? You know they have felt your pain, your angst, your joy...That's what i want my art to do for someone. It's what I hope it does for you.


My studio is in St. George, UT where I have lived for 11 years.  I also love to travel and have lived in many countries! You'll see inspiration from my travels in my surf art and drawings, but my first love and specialty is large, modern abstracts. I love to convey an emotion on canvas: this is typically called abstract expressionism.


I hope one of my pieces connects with you and moves you. I put a lot of blood, sweat, and tears into them! (sometimes literally, ha ha! check out my piece "Rage" that is made with shattered glass--yeeouch!) But it's a small price to pay for leaving the world more beautiful in my own way.


Thanks for chatting with me, I like you already! 


Where to find me:

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"Art, much like ourselves, is always a work in progress."

Yours Truly

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Permanent Resident

Arrowhead Gallery

68 E Tabernacle St A, St. George


T, W, TH - 11am - 6pm

F, S - 11am - 8pm


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Art Provides

35 N Main St. #306 St. George, UT

See website for gallery hours

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Resident Artist

Caffe Elevato

1664 S Dixie Dr, K-102 St. George, UT


M-S - 11am - 11pm


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